Tramadol – a powerful analgesic

A common form of analgesic drug marketed under the trade names Ultracet and Conzip, Tramadol is actively used for pain relieving.

The applicability of the Tramadol for the relief from pains occurring out of any medical or physical condition is possible. It is actively being used in the medication from years. It is totally safe to buy Tramadol as it is a legally approved drug.

Majorly used in treatment of arthritis this drug is also commonly used in combination with other medicines for other medical conditions as well.

These conditions include motor neuron disorders, locomotion malfunctioning pains and pains occurring due to muscle or tendon damages.

The major reasons of the pain in the human body are the opioniod receptors that respond to the release of pain inducing chemicals in the body.

They can be seen as the communicating units that transfer the pain sensation through the use of the nervous system. Tramadol binds to these receptors and slows down their functionality and the responsive action.

This drug’s analgesic action is sometimes opposed for being addictive.

There is some misconception about this drug at a large scale. No doubt that this drug functions like morphine but it is only half truth. The addictive trait of Tramadol is much less than that of morphine and it is much safer for medication purposes as compared to the application of morphine.

What creates this distinction between Tramadol and Morphine is the presence of weaker character trait of being a μ-opioid receptor agonist in Tramadol.

To put this statement in simple words, it means that this drug yet being a synthetic formulation interferes very less with the biological functioning of the human body.

Anyone can search for the in-depth information for Tramadol online. Here we will try to summarise its typical features for you all.

This drug has habituating properties but it is only due to the presence of μ-opioid agonism in its formulation. It can also be categorised on the basis of its noradrenergic and serotonergic effects.

This drug is easily available in the markets and also with online chemist stores in two formulations. The Extended release formulation is employed for regular patients having a prolonged pain history. The immediate formulation is on the other side used for emergency and operative situations.


For those who are sceptic about this drug it is a must to know that these drugs have no permanent or prolonged side effects. Minor side effects of this drug include conditions like minor headache, nausea, vomiting and constipation.

These are just temporary traits and as for every drug you should take proper medical advice before using this drug.