Read this before taking Tramadol

What to do when you are in severe pain, and standard pain killers can’t help you?

Tramadol can be the answer.

Tramadol is a very strong medicine used to ease severe pain.

When standard pain killers, and other medicines can’t help, doctor will prescribe tramadol

In the case of the 24 hour medical treatment Tramadol is used to relieve the pain patient is having.

You should never take tramadol without consulting a doctor first. If you are in severe pain your doctor will provide you with a prescription for tramadol with dose that is appropriate for you at that moment. Doctor will also prescribe you the right form of the tramadol you should use, is it a tablet, pill, powder, injection or any other form.

It’s very important to take just the dose doctor has proscribed for you, not more, not less.

Before doctor prescribes you any therapy you should inform him or her about all medicines you are currently using, or you had been using in the recent past. This is very important because tramadol combined with some other medicines can cause serious consequences, in some rare cases even death.

Once you start using tramadol you have to be careful not to miss any therapy. Beware not to overdose with tramadol, it can be very dangerous, even fatal. If you think you took more than you should call the ambulance, and try to vomit.

In the moment when you decide to stop using this medicine you should, once again, advise with your doctor, he will probably first reduce your dose, and then after some time you will stop using it for good.

Using strong medicine like tramadol can cause some side effects.

The most common are:

  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • dizziness,
  • vomiting, etc.

You should inform your doctor about all of the side effects that appear, he will tell you what to do next and how to treat it.

Tramadol should not be used during the pregnancy period. Medical tests have never been conducted for this special case, and the safety is still under the question, it’s better not to take any risks.

For the same reasons don’t use tramadol during the nursing period.

Under any circumstances, do not take tramadol with alcohol, with drugs, or any other pain killer, sedatives, etc.

Tramadol is not advised for: people with alcohol and drugs addiction history, people that are having metabolic disorder, people with epilepsy or any similar seizure disorder, people prone to depression.

Anyone under sixteen years old is not allowed to use tramadol.

Do not share your medicine with other people.

Try to avoid driving the car after taking a therapy, wait for some time or let someone else drive.

This responsible behaving is important for your safety and for the safety of others.

Beware where you are buying your medicine; if someone without license tries to sell you tramadol inform authorities at once.

Before start using tramadol get familiar with all of the risks and benefits you can have from using it.